New Book by Alberto O. Cappas, edited by Solomon Joseph, founder/president, Manifest Diversity & the Educational Pledge project ISBN: 9781793894908


Title: The Educational Pledge: Questions to Self-Development
Author: Alberto O. Cappas

His works have achieved wide interests, growing appeal, and numerous accolades. It should be noted that his work has been featured and preserved in the City of Buffalo’s Metro subway system, with a commissioned work by the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority of an artistic “vignette” with two other Latino artists. The work is a thirty-foot steel tile mural that reflects the search for a sense of belonging in this city. Also, his early works have been included in the renowned Schomburg Library’s archives. Alberto O. Cappas is an alumnus of the State University of New York at Buffalo and a recipient of the NYC Urban League’s Charles Evans Hughes Award for Creative Writing, among other awards and recognition. Cappas is also the author of “Lessons for Myself: Getting Out of the Hood Box!”, a book for young people, published in January 2009.


The book is based on the successful educational pledge, plus fifteen (15) basic questions that will transform the reader and bring out the beauty and magic of the human spirit in everyone. The book , edited by Solomon Joseph, founder of “Manifest Diversity”, provides the basic values and standards essential to a successful journey in life.  Cappas’ work has been included in many publications and anthologies in the United States and Canada. He is the recipient of the “Keepers of Our Culture” Award for Literature, presented to him by the New York State Hispanic Heritage Month Committee (September 1994). This book belongs in public schools where one finds a large concentration of students-at-risk from dropping out of school.

To Think is to Grow, Quotes to provoke the Mind

A book designed for young people to recapture their ability to think, and to develop their ability to develop their creativity and imagination, for too long destroyed by “good intentions.” Book also available at


Title: To Think is to Grow, Quotes to provoke the mind
Author: Alberto O. Cappas

Alberto O. Cappas is the author of the well-known “Educational Pledge”, which is widely used in public schools. He is also the author of “Never too late to make a U-turn”, another piece of work dedicated to the development of the mind. “To Think is to Grow” actually provokes the mind to think. Alberto is a long time educational and community activist, and publisher. as well as publisher of Dona Julia, a collection of his published poems.


This book is a response to the decaying of the mind, an attempt for our young people to recapture their mind. This is an important book by this 73-year old poet. With this work of quotes, Alberto is trying to influence our young people to think in terms of conceptional systems, to see beyond the obvious, beyond the physical, the need to begin “critical thinking.” This book is best effective when used by the teacher, counselor, or mentor, to guide and encourage students to open the cover of the book and enter the universe, the pages of quotes leading to an exciting and challenging journey. It is a book, a weapon to challenge and provoke their minds.

About the Author

The author was born in Puerto Rico, raised in NYC, graduated from Harlem Prep, and the State University of NY@Buffalo. He is also a poet, writer, journalist and publisher. He is best known for his pro-educational dedication. He is the author of the well liked and well known, “The Educational Pledge of Allegiance”, a poem/pledge dedicated to self-development, and it is widely used in the public school system. Alberto is the publisher of “Never too late to make a U-turn”, “Lessons for Myself”, and “Dona Julia” a collection of his published poems. His work has appeared in numerous magazines, anthologies, and publications.

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