Jose M. Yrizarry, Columnist

ABOUT JOSE M. YRIZARRY: Former editor and writer for the New Tomorrow, a monthly newspaper published in the lower East Side in New York City. Recently joined the Buffalo Latino Village. Jose lives in Norfolk, Connecticut. Jose is also an established poet, author of two books of poems, is present in Youtube, and shares with work on Facebook where he has a large following.



September 2020
In more ways than one, its hot! The desire to stay indoors nice and cool (for some) is strong. Global pandemic threats to take one’s life, and change the course of human history, makes staying home easy.
But what of the natural need for human interaction? What of the potential increase of varied forms of addictions:  drugs, alcohol, and gambling to ease boredom and near forced isolation/incarceration. What of the potential for suicides due to isolation and financial hardships?  It happened during the great depression. If there is still a belief in a higher power – let God help us all!
Government leadership is in a strangle hold due to partisan ideologies having little to do with public concerns. With media’s bombarding daily issues impeding on the sense of security, can we count on voters casting informed ballots during coming elections? Make no mistake “America is burning!
 It’s time for “we the people” to turn to and empower grassroots community organizations (CBO’s) to take actions beyond simple protests and begin threatening to dethrone negligent officials entrusted to assure THE PEOPLES overall social needs are met. Trust is earned, not given!
Am I promoting anarchy? Certainly not! We need leadership. We need people of great integrity, resolve and humility to occupy public office. Delivering needed community services is their job! Would you accept poor service when you shop or pay for a service left incomplete. Public officers aren’t supposed to be in “private clubs” for the “good old boys” to enjoy power and exchange favors. They are there to exercise their power to assure community well-being.
The pressing question is HOW? How to hold these “officials” accountable? We need stronger CBOs to assure community issues are presented and heard. Leadership today feels seemingly insulated from the threat of immediate impeachment Thus, people feel stuck with wrong selections. People have the right to submit impeachment proceedings against any official when necessary.
Media should report on-going public updates until the presented issues are resolved. That would put heat on civil servants to deliver and avoid bad publicity. Is this the answer? it’s a good start! Empower CBO’s and may God help us all play our rightful roles!
Next edition: withholding state and federal taxes.