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The Jones Act and Puerto Rico

Eugene Rodriguez

by Eugene Rodriguez
Today I cry for Puerto Rico!
Today, my very soul, like the rain outside, is shedding real tears because of the insidious effects of Jones Act of 1920!
Y, yo no puedo mas! The Jones Act must be Destroyed! I have just returned from the Somos Conference in Albany, where I sat through a two (2) hour horror story about the Jones Act, and it was like being flogged by the facts, and with every deep lash I got, everything that makes me call myself a Puerto Rican screamed, KILL JONES, KILL JONES! KILL JONES!
Mi Genté, if you heard what I heard in that Room, you would be screaming KILL JONES too! To my horror, I heard that not only does Jones make Pasteles cost more in Puerto Rico, but even more offensive, to an old Drunk like me, is that Jones also makes Bacardi cost more in America!
Yo No Puedo! Jones must be destroyed! Puerto Rico has no representation in the Congress, but we the Diaspora do. There are more Puerto Ricans living in the States than there are PUerto Ricans living in Puerto Rico, there is a significant colony of Puerto Ricans in every State, including Alaska. Most of us cannot fly down to Puerto Rico to help Yulin rebuild La Isla, but we can all scream, “KILL JONES”, every chance we get. I’m crying real tears today…
Coño! And as the Honorable Carmen Arroyo so eloquently stated, “This bullshit has to end!” Ayuda me! Speak to you son in the Bronx, call your sister on Long Island, text your cousin in Boston, repost this to your FB friend in Florida, e-mail your people in Colorado, and Arizona, and California, whisper over Radio Bemba; KILL JONES! I urge my Representatives in Congress to be like Cato the Elder, and stand in “The Well of the House everyday, to end each speech by saying, “The Jones Act must be destroyed.
I am but a poor Playwright who struts and frets his hour on the stage, and is heard no more. I have no wit nor wisdom to stir men’s souls to action, so I must let the agony of my people speak for me, and put a tongue in every wound that Puerto Rico has endured, and hope that it stirs the hearts of every American to action!
I remind you that “Extremism in defense of Liberty is no Vice, and moderation in pursuit of Justice is no Virtue! We can do this, but we must all speak with one voice to our fellow Americans and tell them, “KILL JONES!”


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