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To Think is to Grow, Quotes to provoke the Mind

A book designed for young people to recapture their ability to think, and to develop their ability to develop their creativity and imagination, for too long destroyed by “good intentions.” Book also available at


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Never too Late to make a U-turn

An educational pledge and Fifteen questions to Self-Development, a book for young people to challenge themselves in order to see the world as it is, to realize their potential in the universal community. Excellent book for class discussion, an excellent tool for teachers and mentors. Book also available at


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The Educational Pledge, Questions to Self-Development

Another motivational book by Puerto Rican poet/writer, and publisher, Alberto O. Cappas. Book is edited by Solomon Joseph, including the introduction. Solomon is a youth & motivational speaker, and he is also the founder of The Educational Pledge website – The book follows in the tradition of the author’s other book, “Never too late to make a U-turn; a book for young people to find their reason and purpose for their presence on the planet; the book offers key questions that helps shape and form the personal journey of the young reader. Book also available at


Alberto O. Cappas: born in Puerto Rico in 1946. He is presently publisher of the monthly Latino publication, Buffalo Latino Village, published in Buffalo, NY. 
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