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La Fortaleza Community Development Corporation

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“A Business and Economic Development Group
with an artistic and cultural theme — as a tool and instrument to develop our COMMUNITIES IN EL BARRIO, IN EAST HARLEM, AND IN NEW YORK STATE.”
Photo of Felix Leo Campos
Felix Leo Campos, Board Chair & Executive Director
Board of Directors:
Felix Leo Campos 
Henry Calderon 
Danny Camacho
Alberto O. Cappas
Evelyn Collazo 
Jose Garza 



Published in the Buffalo Latino Village, February 2021 Issue
 The Latino behind La Fortaleza is a grand grandson of Pedro Albizu Campos, known to many as the father of Puerto Rico.
Having said that, the Latino behind La Fortaleza is the original light and protector of the organization – La Fortaleza, a concept created by Alberto O. Cappas (publisher of this publication), a concept with the vision of building a section of East Harlem (el Barrio) as a strong beacon of economic development with an art and cultural theme. El senor Felix Leo Campos, has continued to keep the concept alive by recruiting and incorporated the input of Latinos and non-Latinos who share the same dream.
The concept was developed in 2010 by Alberto O. Cappas, who also developed the idea for “El Festival del Libro”, a project of La Fortaleza.
 Alberto, unfortunately, became ill and not able to continue with the group, he relocated to Buffalo, NY in 2012 where his two daughters and the tribe of brothers and sisters live. Alberto, still in Buffalo, continues his involvement and supports Campos’ leadership in seeing the concept realized.
Thanks to Felix, La Fortaleza just finished sponsoring their 8th annual “Festival del Libro” in East Harlem, and due to the Coronavirus, they had to postpone another project (Felix’ baby), “HERspanic Achievement Celebration”, an event honoring and recognizing outstanding Latinas nominated and selected by their love ones, sponsored during the annual Latino Heritage Month.
Feliz is also an independent media & film producer, producer of countless documentaries, all based on the arts, culture, and history of New York City Puerto Ricans. He is also a frequent speaker, invited to appear in several media related events and productions.
Felix continues to work with the local poets, writers, and authors, and is now working on several literary workshops for emerging and young writers. One workshop, “Why I write” is in its initial stage in cooperation with the Buffalo Latino Village. Felix idea is to encourage young writers to write an essay on “Why I Write” and get it published as a monthly feature in the Latino Village. La Fortaleza just starting a column, “Latino Literary Voices” which also features established Latino authors, featuring Jose Angel Figueroa in the January issue.
La Fortaleza is still alive today, moving forward with community development, building an economic infrastructure to support the arts and culture of our artists and writers.  
This is just the beginning! Felix has been able to assemble a group of talented volunteers to work with him, to make the vision of La Fortaleza a reality.
While the concept was not his, Felix is the real pioneer behind La Fortaleza.
For more information and how you can get involved, contact Felix Leo Campos:, phone: 646-633-1790. You can also contact Board members listed above.


La Fortaleza is looking for good people to help build the vision.
For information, contact: Felix Leo Campos: 1-646-546-1901, Email:
View our first annual event in 2013: “EL FESTIVAL DEL LIBRO” 


Our Concept, Our Purpose, Our Goal

See Slideshow below:

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